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That’s Where It Is *Drew Fanfic*

~Menka’s POV~

"Are you ready yet?" Josie, my friend yelled from her bedroom. I was just applying mascara on my eyes. I quickly finished that and applied eye liner, foundation, pink blush, pink eyeshadow and some of my berry chapstick. 

"Nearly, I have to look nice and in order to do that I have to take extra time on my makeup!" I yelled back combing my straight dark brown hair. I sighed as I wasn’t happy with my appearance but I didn’t have time to redo myself again. I quickly put in my hazel contact lenses and gave myself one last look.

We were going to see Emblem3 in concert and I was freaking out. I wanted to look nice because all the emblems look amazing when they go to their concerts and I especially wanted Drew to notice me. I’m on holiday in the US right now for a couple of months and happen to have two really good emblem friends who are taking me to the concert. 

"Alright I’m all done let’s go," I said walking into the bedroom and grabbing my purse and putting my small perfume, money and chapstick in it. We walked outside and got into the car and drove to the venue. 

"Why are you breathing weirdly?" Kay asked me, turning around from the passengers seat. 

"I don’t know, I feel overdressed," I said looking down at what I was wearing. Skinny ripped jeans, a white tank top and a black leather jacket. 

"Don’t freak out. I’m sure you’ll catch Drew’s attention with those hazel contact lenses!" She said as we pulled into the venue parking lot. I laughed weakly and got out of the car. 

~During the concert: Still Menka’s POV~

We were having such a good time! The crowd was insane and we were all screaming and yelling all the lyrics to the songs that saved us. At one point I thought that Drew was staring at me as he sang but it turns he was singing to some other girl behind me. It’s awkward when that happens. 

I was having the time of my life. I even got to hold Keats’ hand which made me almost cry!! They were right in the middle of singing 3000 Miles, when Drew came off the stage and walked into the crowd. I swear I could have died. He started to walk near me, Kay and Josie and I started to feel light headed. Was this really happening? Was the Drew Chadwick really walking up to me? I didn’t know if I was dreaming or not so I decided to pinch myself. Nope, It’s all real and happening. 

He walked up to me and started singing to me. His crystal blue eyes burned into mine as he sang with so much passion and love. He held my hand while he was singing and I glanced over to Kay and Josie who had whipped out their phones to take pictures and videos. Then he pulled me into him for a hug and I started to shake. I probably looked so stupid but I mean who wouldn’t be shocked if Drew Chadwick pulled them in for a hug?

He hugged me tight almost as if he didn’t want to let me go and wanted to protect me from the rest of the world. After some time, we parted and the song had ended. He took the mic away from his mouth and smiled at me while Wes was talking about something on stage. Drew then pulled me in for another hug before parting again to go on stage.

"You’re beautiful" He said, whispering in my ear and lightly kissing my cheek before running back on the stage. I stood there shocked and held the cheek that he kissed. I looked over at Kay and Josie who were jumping up and down squealing while i was still processing the whole thing. 

Soon, sadly the show ended but we had the meet and greet next. I was more nervous for this than for anything else. While in the queue some emblems came up to me and asked me what it was like to have Drew stare and sing to you but others gave me really dirty looks. 

"Don’t worry about them. They’re just jealous. I think Drew has a thing for you. The way he stared at you when he held your hand and the way he went back on stage and stayed near where we were indicates that he likes you." Josie said showing me the pictures of Drew and I that she took. I smiled and looked over at Drew now. He and Wes were pretend wrestling with each other. I laughed as I looked at the two of them acting like children and Keats not wanting to stand anywhere near them. 

Drew and Wes stopped and waited for the next girls to take their picture. While they waited I couldn’t help but think I am so close to Emblem3. I looked back at them again and Drew caught me staring and waved at me. I did a small wave back and he laughed. It felt good inside that I made Drew Chadwick laugh… 

It was nearly our turn and I was freaking out. I don’t know what I would say to them at all. I don’t even think that I would be able to even squeeze in a hi. Oh my god why am I freaking out so much? I need to calm down. 

"I’m excited. I’m going to ask Wes if he’ll kiss my cheek. He looks so hot today!" Josie said jumping up and down.

Kay and I looked at her and laughed. I looked back at the boys who were ready to take the next picture when I caught Drew staring at me. I looked at him and he quickly looked down and fiddled with his bracelets. 

I smiled to myself. I probably looked stupid but oh well. Stuff like this doesn’t happen everyday. We got closer to the boys and my heart was racing faster and faster. Calm down Menka. Don’t get so worked up its only a photo. But what if something happens between me and Drew? Am I ready for it? Does he really like me? Or is he just playing with me?

I had to snap out of my own world. For God sakes he probably flirts with all the girls at the concerts so it’s not something to get excited about. Suddenly with all the thinking I was doing, I hadn’t noticed that it was our turn to take the pictures with the boys. We were ushered towards them by a security guard of theirs. Breathe in and out. My hearts racing so fast. Okay, calm down its just a picture. Nothing is going to happen between me and Drew. Stop wishing so hard. 

We walked to them and hugged them all tight. Wes was literally squishing me to death while Keats was hugging Kay. I hugged Keats as he was next and he kissed my cheek. Could this day get any better?? Then I went to Drew who welcomed me with open arms. I breathed and exhaled deeply before hugging him again for the third time that night. 

"Hi beautiful," he said 

"Hi Drew,"

 Okay so that was the first chapter, it probably wasn’t that good but I’m trying to build it all up. Hopefully the second chapter will be much better and we’ll see more of Menka and Drew actually having a proper convo with each other and whether his feelings match hers. 

Namaste & Blessed be 

~Menka xx

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