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Drew One Shot for Anon

My heel ran up Drew’s leg nonchalantly as we sat at the bar. He avoided my eyes on purpose and signaled for the bartender. “Give us some beer. Nothin’ too crazy.” His blue eyes finally trailed over to mine and he bit his lip. “Something tells me I want to remember this night.”

As the bartender gave us our beers, I held mine up. “Welcome to legal age, babe. It’s been lonely these past three months without you. I’ve had to come to this bar all by myself.”

Drew clinked our bottles together and snorted. “Always have to remind me that you’re three months older than me.”

I took a swig of the bitter liquid and placed my hand on his knee. “Always and forever, baby.” He downed a good portion of his beer while I watched intently. “So, your birthday only lasts another three hours. We’ve gone go-karting and paintballing. What’s next? Jumping off the Golden Gate bridge?”

Drew’s eyebrow cocked at the thought and I nearly choked on my beer. He laughed. “Nah, we’ll just hang out here and then we’ll go home and you can give me your present.”

Pouting, I blinked up at him innocently. “I’m not sure what you mean, boyfriend.”

His lips crushed against mine without warning and I couldn’t breathe. He pulled his face only an inch away to whisper, “You’re a fucking tease, (Y/N). Don’t play that game with me.”

I trailed my hand up his leg, not giving a damn if people watched as I palmed his crotch. He sucked in a breath and I grinned wickedly at him. “You can’t punish me or anything, Drew. It’s your birthday. I’m supposed to be the one that does all the work.”

He kissed me again. “You’re right. It is my birthday. I’m in charge.”

Well, shit. 

I sat back in my seat and downed the rest of my beer. I winced at the horrid taste. “How much longer then?”

Drew didn’t need me to clarify. “Let me finish my drink.”

He had a good three-quarters of it left, but it was gone in a flash. His hand grabbed mine and I was dragged through the bar and across the street to our apartment. We were damn lucky our place was thirty feet away from a bar, I guess.

As soon as the door was closed, Drew’s lips were against mine and his fingers were fumbling for the buttons of my shorts. “Damn, you don’t even want to take off my shirt yet?” I mumbled against his lips, working off his shirt instead.

Drew ignored my snide remark and pushed his body against mine until I stumbled back and into the kitchen table. I cried out at the sharp corner poking into my side. Drew continued to ignore me and tore off my shorts and my shirt simultaneously. All of his attention was focused on stripping the two of us down to nothing.

When my bra came off, Drew assaulted my breasts with his mouth and I gripped the edges of the kitchen table. He had half-pulled off his boxers and my underwear was covering my hot center still. This time, my sarcasm left me as pleasure sky-rocketed through my body. I moaned, filling our silent apartment with noise and I arched my back. He lifted me up and onto the table, mouth still latched onto a hardened nipple. 

Drew lay me down and I hissed at the coldness of the wood against the feverish skin of my back. One hand cupped the back of my head to bring my lips back to his while the other wandered down my stomach and under my underwear. A loud moan escaped my lips when his thumb lazily rubbed my swollen clit and I felt the bastard’s mouth turn up in a smile.

"You fuckin’ like that, babe?" He growled against me.

I whimpered and bucked my hips against his hand in response. His hand only slid down further into my underwear and two fingers slid inside of me. I moaned and tensed at the intrusion, which only increased Drew’s satisfaction. While his thumb continued to attack my clit, he pumped his fingers in and out and curved them inside of me to brush by my g-spot.

I quaked underneath him, clutching his shoulders and biting down on his lip. He groaned against my mouth and the noise seemed to vibrate through my whole body. The sensation was overwhelming; my orgasm thundered in uncontrollably and I cursed Drew’s name against his wet lips.

"That’s what I like to hear, (Y/N)" Drew laughed, retreating his hand and licking his fingers clean nonchalantly. 

"You’re a pompous asshole on your birthday, Drew." I snapped, still trembling from the remains of my orgasm. "Do you want your present now?"

Drew’s face lit up with fake surprise. “Another?!”

At the smugness on his face, I pushed myself off the table and slammed my body against his, knocking us both onto the floor. Drew’s boxers were off in a flash and his erection was exposed. He gasped at the sudden movement and smashed his lips against mine in desperation. 

"I need to be inside of you so bad, (Y/N)." He pleaded.

Drew tried to switch our positions, but I pinned his arms over his head and kept my mouth against his to keep him down. The head of his cock was poised at my entrance and as I lowered myself onto him, we both let out shaky moans. Lifting my torso from his, I allowed his hands to guide my hips up and down his shaft. He slammed me down hard on his cock and I threw my head back in ecstasy. 

"Fuck, Drew…" I mumbled, clawing at his chest and causing him to groan low in his throat. 

He lifted himself into a sitting position and continued slamming into me at a new angle and both of us shuddered at the new bursts of pleasure. His face burrowed into my breasts and his teeth grazed the skin between them. 

"Shit, I’m coming…" I screamed, my walls tightening around his cock before he could react to my words. He groaned when I came and Drew turned us over.

He lifted one of my legs higher up his hip and thrusted sharply into me before spasming inside of me as his orgasm hit. He grunted loudly and my tumbled from his lips before he collapsed.

Pushing his sweaty out of his face, I kissed his warm forehead. “Happy birthday, baby.”


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