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Preference #126 Undone

I’m sorry I let me fall for you. I can erase you and forget you but I can’t undo you. You’re the hand I can’t hold, the words I’m not told when I’m lonely. And I don’t want you back, I just want to have what you took from me.

My grandpa always told me when I was growing up that heartache will be the worst pain a human will ever feel and the only way to get over it it is a bowl of rocky road ice cream and time. He never said how much time he just said time. Well I’m tired of waiting. This hurts. He left me without a word. I just showed up and he was gone. I should be so mad at his betrayal. He proposes and then leaves a month later. But no matter how hard I fight to be mad at him I can’t. Now I’ve found myself 3 months with a ring still on my finger and no one here to actually care that it’s there.
It’s just like any other night. A bowl of ice cream with some sort of action packed movie. Half way through the beginning there is a knock at the door. “Whoever it is I’m not in the mood. Unless you have a surprise pizza delivery or the cure to heartache go away. If you have either of those knock twice.” Two knocks happen right after. I should’ve known that no matter what two knocks would’ve followed. “What can I do for you?” I say as I swing the door open.
“To listen.”
“Fuck no. Not to you.” I try closing the door.
“I’m sorry. Please just hear me out.”
“No Drew no. You get to listen to me. You left me. You are the reason I don’t sleep. That I don’t breathe properly anymore. Whenever I need someone here to tell me it’s going to be ok that person is definitely not you. When I feel lonely someone should be holding my hand and you really aren’t here to do that either. I’m so hurt and mad at you and honestly I hate you right now.”
“Can we talk please? I got scared. You were drinking coffee and just asked about a dream wedding date. I proposed because I wanted to know you weren’t going anywhere I didn’t realize you were wanting to actually marry me.”
“Well dumb shit you should’ve thought about that before you proposed. That’s usually the reason to proposing and asking someone to marry you. You get married in the end.”
“I plan or planned or whatever on marrying you I just wasn’t up for right away.”
“That’s when you talk about it not bolt.”
“Please take me back and we can talk about it. I want to talk about it.”
“I don’t want you back. I just want the peace of mind back, I just want my sanity back, I just want this hurt to go away. I want everything you took from me and that doesn’t include you. You can even take this to show we are done. I’m done with the pain.” I hand him over his ring and step back closing the door even against the push of his hand against it. I’m not doing this to my heart anymore.

I’ll come around again. I know it’s not the end. But right now I’ve got nowhere to begin. Tell me where love goes when it’s gone. Tell me where hearts go when they go wrong. Suddenly someone is no one I’ve come undone. Nothing but emptiness inside. Love leaves a black hold when it dies. How can I ever love again. I’ve come undone.

“Honey it’s going to be ok.” My sister says stroking my hair.
“How is this going to be ok? How is him leaving and not looking back ok?”
“Well right now it’s not ok, but eventually it will be.”
“It doesn’t feel that way. It can’t be that way at all.”
“It can be if you choose it.”
“I’m not choosing this pain, I don’t want this pain. I just want him to love me again.”
“If he was here what would you say to him?”
“I just have so many questions. I wouldn’t say anything to him. I just need to know so many things.”
“What things?”
“Why did he let go so easily? What he expects me to feel?” I sit up looking at my sister. “He left like I was nothing. He told me not to cry. He told me just to let go.”
“This is good keep going.” My sister says putting her hand on my knee.
“What did he expect me to do? Forget that I love him? This was love it doesn’t just evaporate.” I look over feeling the anger draining out, “where does love go when it goes wrong? How can so many heart beats just be wasted? I thought he thought I was the most important person to him. How could a person go from the one to no one?”
“They don’t. He still cares but just not enough.”
“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”
“I was hoping it would.”
“It didn’t. Keaton hurt me so bad. I’m just a black hole now. I know I’ll come around and this will be easier. It’s only been a few hours but even after those few hours I don’t think I can love again. Not with everything I have. I’ve come so far undone that emotions aren’t going to work anymore. I’m numb but the numb hurts. It’s like the pain when your foot goes to sleep. It tingles everywhere but it hurts.”

I’m sorry I’m really a mess right now. I’m trying my best to get it together somehow. I can’t stay this way, locked up in this pain that you left me. I’m unraveling, looking for things that’ll never be. Stars fade away they just crash into space. Disappear from the light like you and I.

“You’re the last person I wanted to see.” I say staring out at the dark ocean.
“I was worried about you.”
“Why should I matter? The reason you are worried is because you think I’m losing it again.”
“You’re sitting at the beach staring at the ocean. You’re the one who told me that you thought about suicide by drowning once.”
“Once and if you paid attention to me in anyway I said that those thoughts stopped when I found the real calming peace of the ocean. But your mind was stuck on the word suicide.”
“It’s a scary word. You never want to hear it come out of the mouth of the person you love.”
“I never thought about it with you. Never. I always had your strength and your support to get me through those rough patches. Why would I start now?”
“I don’t know. Your emotions have been a little haywire lately.”
“So instead of talking you dump me telling me I’m too much baggage. Well fuck I’m sorry I’m bipolar and I’m sorry that you had to handle me. And I’m sorry I made you feel like a babysitter. But seriously are you really here to check on me or are you here to see if I got myself locked away yet.”
“I don’t want you to get locked away. I’m genuinely worried about you.”
“You know I’ve come out here every night since you left me and sit here until I see at least two shooting stars. I always think the first one is someone letting go and the second is the person falling into space. I’m really a mess right now and I don’t want you around to see me fall apart completely.”
“I’ve seen it before.”
“Not when it was caused by you though. That is a whole new set of emotions.”
"I need to know you will be ok."
"Wesley honestly the only reason I wouldn’t be ok is because of you. I can handle my disorder. Yeah it sucks but I live with it everyday. That is one thing you just didn’t accept, that I had a disorder and you thought you had to live with it. I tried so hard to keep it covered, keep it concealed. And whenever it was seeping out the edges even just for a second you thought I was off my meds, or falling off the deep end again."
"That’s not how it was supposed to come out when I left you. It wasn’t because of you, it was just so much."
"You’re telling the person who has dealt with this her whole life. The reason I am sitting here, on the beach isn’t because my bipolar made me think of the ocean. But its because of the pain you left me in. I hurt right now because of you. My edges are unraveling because of you. I feel this way because of you, not because of my disorder. I am trying to get it back together and I know that the difficulty there is because of my disorder. But this is mainly your fault. So you have no right to worry about me."
"You don’t mean that."
"I do I mean every word. I can’t stay this way, locked up in all the pain you left me in, but right now I am in pain and I’m here because of you."
"I haven’t stopped caring about you, I will always worry about."
"Don’t, its not worth it. I’m not worth that extra breath or thought. I will be fine fighting each day on my own. You can think about caring again in the future, but for now just don’t." I stand up brushing the sand from my legs leaving behind the pain.


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Preference #125 Under Control His P.O.V.

I turn my head, I can’t shake the look you gave. And I’m good as dead cause oh those eyes are all it takes. And All I want is you. So I pull away all I do is sit and wait. And I might as well write the words right on my face. That all I want is you.

Sitting around bonfires writing music is where I get my best inspirations. But when news gets out that I’m going to the beach to light a bonfire, everyone takes it as an invite to come out and party. I don’t mind them being around allows me to get opinions when I need them. But this time music isn’t what I want. I want to put my guitar down and party right along with them. Especially if Y/N could be here. But I’ve got this melody in my head and I need to get it out my fingers to finally hear it. I just keep getting distracted looking around waiting to see if she will show up. Last time I saw her she gave me this look, it was so powerful and so gorgeous I’m sure I shouldn’t be alive. I need to see her again. “That melody is sick.” Kenny says sitting next to me.
I stop strumming not even realizing I was, “Oh thanks, I don’t even know what I was playing.”
"It was good, has potential."
"It’s probably the one I’ve had stuck in my head but can’t seem to actually play."
"Sounds like you were just playing it now."
"Not consciously."
"What were you thinking about that got it to come out?"
"She’s here tonight. Maybe you can convince her to come sit with you and get that song out of your soul. The lyrics you can stick with it will be great."
"Do you know where she is? I need exactly that."
"Nah I haven’t seen her in about an hour. But let that song lead you to her. Put some words to it and show her that she is what you want."
"How do you know what i want?"
"We all know you want Y/N. Maybe the only person who doesn’t know is her."
"I’m not so obvious about it with her around. She makes me pull away and I just sit and wait to see if my silence will attract her. Maybe I should have someone write it on my face after a drunk night that way she will know."
"Who is the she and what will this she know?" I hear Y/N’s voice come from behind me.
"No one. I was just asking Kenny if you were here."
"Yeah I was just looking for you. What are you working on?"
"This song. I can’t seem to get the melody just right though. Do you mind sitting with me for a little to see if I can get it to work out?"
"No of course not I love listening to you play." She sits on the sand next to me with her legs stretched out. She smiles as I start to make the cords flow from my heart to my fingertips. Her eyes get this intense daze about them and I try not to stumble around, but those eyes is all it takes.
The melody comes out just right and in that instant so do the words. “Baby this could be a dream. The kind that make you smile all night. And I’m the kinda guy to make the dream real life. So tell me where you are, you know I’ll send a car. A jet set from your house straight to the stars. Like a dream, colors of the best sunset Color California cause the cause is west. So tell me where you at in 20 seconds flat, we’ll be top down, hands up, never look back. Cos oh you’re my Lucy in the sky ooohhh. And there’s diamonds in your eyes”
"I can’t help but think that that’s about someone pretty special."
"Yeah but I feel like until I write it across my face she will never know that I want her."
"Have you tried telling her? Maybe she is just waiting for you to be a man and be upfront with her."
I put my guitar down getting down next to her in the sand and whispering softly in her ear, “All I want is you.”

And all my fears creep and crawl across my skin and these four walls are after me and moving in. And all I want to do is give up, give in, let this one stay where it is. But I don’t suppose I will.

"What did you do today?" Y/N asks as she walks through the door.
“Just hung out here. What did you do?” I asks kissing her cheek as she sets the couple bags she has down.
“Went and did a little shopping with my girls. We bumped into your brother when we were at Starbucks. He came and hung out for a bit.” I try not to let my true feelings about that sentence cross my face.
“Sounds like fun. I waited to cook dinner until you got home so we could eat together.”
“Oh Wes paid for dinner after the girls left. Just some time catching up with an old friend. But I will pack some more in if you want.”
“No I would never make you do that. I’m not actually all that hungry I’m going to get in the shower.”
“Ok? Are you alright baby?” She says touching my arm.
“Fine.” I head into the bathroom turning the water on just hot enough that I can barely withstand it. The steam rises around me like hell is giving me a preview of what’s in store. My anger and frustration build at first but it fades quickly to my fears and I can feel them crawl all over my body like I’m stuck in a hole full of bugs. I can’t chase the sight of Y/N and Wes together from my mind. When we were growing up everyone saw them together but when she chose me no one expected it. Some of her friends said it wouldn’t last that she would choose Wes in the end. After 6 years I almost believe it. We’ve been together since we were 16. She’s the only future I see. I feel like the walls are closing in around me and the oxygen is escaping my lungs before I can put it there. All I want to do is melt in the shower, let the heat of the water take me under and remove me from the image. I wouldn’t be in the way anymore.
My heart starts aching thinking of all these possibilities and I realize I can’t just give up. I won’t. It’s not in my genes to give up. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t. I step out wrapping a towel around my waist. I head to the bedroom hearing her shuffle through our closet. “Y/N we need to talk.”
“Yes we do Keaton Stromberg. When were you going to do it?”
“I wasn’t. I couldn’t. It hurt too much.”
“How could it hurt too much? I mean if you thought about it then it means you have some sort of feeling in your heart.”
“I just want you happy and I’ll do what I can do give that to you.”
“Making me wait isn’t making me happy.”
“But I can’t. I won’t.”
“What is with the wait? We’ve talked about this before.”
“Since when did we talk about you leaving me for my brother?”
“What?” She says peaking out from the closet. “Your brother?”
“Yes. Everyone knew you two would end up together and that we were temporary.”
“We’ve been together 6 years why would I just throw that away?”
“If your heart isn’t in it then you should. Wait if you weren’t talking about Wes what were you talking about?”
“I was putting my new goodies away in the closet and found a little blue bag tucked away in the corner.”
“Oh shit I forgot that was in there. It’s been there for months.”
“Why haven’t you given it to me?” She says with surprise.
“Because that’s when my insecurities with my brother showed up.”
“You have nothing to be insecure about. All I want is you.” She says coming across the room pressing her body against mine. “He is the kind of guy you only see during the night. But you are the guy I want to spend the night with and wake up to in the morning looking like a zombie. You know my coffee order and how I like my eggs. It took a lot of training and I’m not up for the work of doing it again. I only want you I promise.”
I lean my forehead against hers, “I love you.”
“I love you too. Especially when you are still wet from the shower.” She links her finger to my towel tugging slightly causing it to fall to the floor. “Oops.”

One of these days I’m gonna find myself a way. I’ll find the courage and I’ll find the grace. And I’m gonna know just what to say. And you’ll walk on up when you want this love, when you’ve had enough and you’ve given up. Because I’ve kept my heart under control. Oh but lately all this time has taken its toll. Said I tried to but I can’t hold back what’s deep in my soul. So darling please forgive me. I want you and you’ll just have to know.

I pace outside the chapel doors debating going in or not. If she does really love him and there really is no chance for me this will ruin our friendship forever. But if she does love me then this could be a good thing and we can finally be together. I hear a click of a door and see her father come around, “they are holding the wedding so I could use the bathroom. Get your ass in there and stop this. That should be you.”
“I always got the impression you didn’t like me.”
“I like you more than that dick she is about to marry. You go in there in two minutes or i really won’t like you.”
“I don’t want her to hate me if he is what she wants.”
“She needs a guy willing to run in there and tell her what she needs to know.”
“These past few months planning her very fast wedding and watching how much she was putting into it is what kept my heart under control. Kept me back. She kissed me two nights ago telling me she just needed to know if she was making the right choice. Honestly this is all in her court and you standing here is just proof of that. I had no idea what I was going to say when I got in there. ‘No this can’t happen I won’t let it’ wasn’t good enough. She deserves so many more words than that but I don’t have them.”
Another click shows up in the direction her dad just showed up. I figure Justin would be walking about but instead it’s an angel cloaked in white approaching us, “daddy what are you doing?”
“Talking to Wesley. I’ll be there in a minute.”
“Daddy I don’t know if I can do this.”
A smile crawls across his face, “I want to say it’s just cold feet but if you are still feeling them at the alter after seeing him and having that moment then it’s not.”
“But it feels so right.” She says sounding so defeated.
“Is it? Is it right?” I ask stepping around her dad.
“Wesley how are you supposed to have the answers? You are the reason I’m so confused.”
“Y/N all the answers are right there it’s just up to you to see which one will be the right one. No one can decide that for you. Not your dad, not Justin, not me. It’s all in you. But if it’s me just know I’ll be here, I’ll always be here. I thought barging into your wedding because I’m so hooked on you but so is that man in there. Now it’s just who your heart is hooked on. I’ll be here whatever answer you have. Just know I want you, all I want is you.” She looks me in the eye finally stepping towards me. My breath hitches as she comes closer. No words get past just a few breaths as her lips brush mine.
“I’ve been wanting that feeling again ever since the first time. You’re right. He isn’t the one for me just to break it to him.”
Her dad grins again, “let me do that. You two take the limo and do whatever you two want I’ll go take care of all them.”


When do you think youre gonna post the next teen pregnancy preference? I love those haha :) -katie

Sorry I spaced writing it on Sunday. I will get to work on it as quickly as possible but it will probably be Sunday. But I’ll work on it I promise.


Preference #124 Take Back The Night

"So we all leave here with a girl tonight." Drew said as they are walking into the club.
"Are you going to have the courage to finally get back your girl?" Wes asked.
"I’m hoping. I really don’t want her to hate me anymore."
"You’ve been broken up for months. How do you even know she’s here tonight?" Keaton said stepping beside them.
"Oh she’s here I know she’s here."
"What about you Keats who are you taking tonight?" Wes asks.
"I don’t know we will see." He says with a smile.
"Wes what are you going to do?" Drew asks sarcastically.
"I don’t know you’ll have to wait and see. Meet at the bar in 2 hours whether you got the girl or not."
"Sounds good." Keaton says.
"Drew ain’t that your girl right there right now?"
A nervous smile spreads across his face. “Yes that is. See you in 2 hours.”

Rare there’s not too many. No one but you and crowded rooms, we can do anything. Attraction can drive you crazy. The way you move, you go crazy, that’s incentive for me.

I cross the room nervously trying to cover how freaked out I am. Y/N is convinced I cheated. I wouldn’t hurt her that way ever. I haven’t even looked at a girl the same way since her. She’s so one of a kind. I walk up next to her and her friends leaning in to her ear, “can we talk?”
"No leave me alone I hate you."
"Please let me explain."
"I don’t want you to explain if I wanted you to explain anything to me I would’ve talked to you three and a half months ago."
"Fine but I will be here all night and I want to talk to you before it’s over." I walk over to an empty table with a tall stool. I sit down and order a drink from the overly flirty waitress. She was just like the rest which meant she wasn’t who I wanted. I sit sipping my beer occasionally looking over at the one I wanted. Women would come and go but I wouldn’t pay them a second. None of them were her.
A girl walks up standing in between my legs. “Why do you looks so lonely baby?”
"Not interested. There is someone else. There always has been."
"She doesn’t care. She’s been dancing with other guys all night I’ve been watching you watch her. So let her go and be with me."
"No. You know why because even though she’s been dancing on other guys watching her dance is the sexiest thing ever. She’s rare and stunning. Nothing is better than that. I lost her because of a girl like you. So I’d rather not get mixed up with another. So have a good night and find someone else who is going to be interested. You deserve that. Don’t let someone use you for anything less than you are, find someone to care."
"Thanks. She’s crazy if she doesn’t give you another chance." She walks away leaving me along in the pit of all the words I just said.
"Did you mean all that?"
I look up, “every word.”
"You didn’t cheat on me did you?"
"Hell no. There is no one like you. You are so amazing and every movement of your body just draws me closer. I would never risk losing that, but I guess I did."
"Attraction can really drive a person crazy." She steps up between my legs this time closer than anyone has been in a long time. "I shouldn’t have jumped on the idea so quickly. I guess I just assumed since you forgave me when I did and most days I didn’t know how you could."
"Because I love you more than the air in my lungs."
"Take me tonight for the fun." She says leaning in whispering gently in my ear kissing along my cheek until she ran her tongue along my bottom lip then biting it softly. She was the only girl who knew my weakness before she knew me.

Yeah this was your city. You did it all and more, broke every law except for one, babe. Attraction are you ready? I know you feel it. Pull you nearer til you feel it again.

I’m sitting with Wes at one of the tables watching Drew have girl after girl try to come on to him. Wes even had a few but not a single one looked at me. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. The town trouble maker. Her dad is the juvenile judge, he was born and raised here and so was she. She runs this place. She is always getting in trouble and getting out of it. She dates real jerks and each time I see her she is with someone new. I only ever see her on nights like this. Best part of this tale I don’t even know her name.
She walks up to the bar right by us showing the bartender an obvious fake ID, he eyes it over and eyes her over. She twirls a hair around her finger and leans up on the bar pushing her chest out. He leans forward and says something to her causing her to take her ID and walk away. I saw it as my chance. I approach the bartender with a smile, “Hey Keats what’s up?”
"Just out for one of those nights. Could you hook me up with something?"
"Sure, you need a drink?"
"Yes several. You see that girl and her friend over there I need you to send over a full round of whatever she was just ordering."
"She was underage and I told her she wouldn’t be getting away with her trouble tonight."
"So am I but i drink for free. Do it for me."
"She rejected me not too long ago and now I see through her fake shit."
"She doesn’t do pointless attractions. You are so much older than her."
"Fine one round but you are taking them over there."
"Deal." He poured out several spider bites and set them on a small tray for me.
"Go get her tiger." I grin taking them off the bar and carefully maneuvering across the room to the group.
I get up next to them and clear my throat making them turn around and face me. My nerves kick up as all of them eye me over. “God I didn’t know this many women could make me nervous. I just wanted to bring drinks by for you all seeing as you didn’t win.”
"What do you want out of it?"
"Nothing. Am I not allowed to be polite?"
"Men aren’t polite. And if they are they are no fun."
I set the tray down grabbing a shot shooting it back. “I can show you we can be nice but just as fun.”
A few of her friends giggle a little. “I’m sure you can.” She says turning away from me.
I grab her arm turning her back to me but with only centimeters between us. “One song and I can prove it.”
"One dance, keep your hands to yourself. I push them away at all you’ve stepped bounds."
"Showing you I’m polite remember."
"This will be no fun." She says with a flick and drags me to the dance floor. The song shifts and I find it my lucky day, its a slower one meaning we get to be close now. She puts the back of her body up against my front triggering every typical guy thought to run through my head. I put my hands on her hips keeping boundaries. She rolls her hips right against me making me want to run my hands over her body. Instead I start moving in time with her letting a couple of my fingers run down the front of her leg. She rests her head back bringing her hands up by my neck. I tilt my head down trying to keep our space but still bring all of her in that I can. I bring my hands up pulling hers away from my neck and spinning her to face me. There is still no space between our bodies as the heat rises between us. I place my hands on her back just above her ass letting my fingers drape down a little lower. She leans in really rubbing her body against mine and leans forward placing a kiss against my neck. I don’t stop her but continue just to feel her.
The song comes to an end and I step away from her. She looks at me confused, “thank you for that dance. I’ve wanted it deeply.” I kiss her cheek walking away from her hoping it would work.
A second later I have a hand on my back stopping me. “Are you seriously not going to ask for another or rub it in that I had fun and you didn’t step any bounds?”
"No but thank you for admitting I was polite and fun."
"So you are just leaving now? No I mean ok fine go thanks." She turns to start walking away from me.
"Hey wait are you up for some more fun tonight? We have this thing we are doing here in a little bit and I would love if you came along. Just fun and I promise to behave."
"What if I don’t want you to behave?" She says coming closer.
"That might be able to be arranged. But only on one condition."
"What is that?"
"Your name."
"Oh my god you just danced with me, ordered me drinks and invited me to go out and you don’t even know my name. A bit risky wouldn’t you say what if things had gone farther what would you call out in bed."
"I would start running through a mental list and hope I was right with one of them."
"Y/N, call me anything other than that at in bed and I will punch you."

I wanna do something right but we can do something better. Ain’t no time like tonight and we ain’t trying to save it til later. Stay here living the life nobody cares who we are tomorrow. You got that lil something I like a little something I’ve been wanting to borrow. Tonight’s that night’s, come on surrender. I won’t lead your love astray, astray, yeah. Your love’s a weapon, give your body some direction. That’s my aim. Then we could take back the night.

"So looks like Keaton got his girl and Drew got his back." The bartender says looking out at the room. Drew is sitting with his girl on his lap around her friends. And Keaton has his tongue down his girl’s throat. "I did not think your brother would be able to land her. Props to him. So what are you going to do? Go out with them alone?"
"No, I never go alone. Tonight I am just hoping for someone particular."
"And who is that?"
"Y/N right over there, typically drinks alone until eleven then finds some guy. I was that one guy a few nights and now I’m hooked. Tonight I am hoping to take things a littler farther."
"Well now is your chance it is just after eleven and she seems available."
I smirk walking down towards her. “How are you doing this evening?”
"I was fine but you must want me to say I am doing so much better now that you are here."
"You can say whatever you want. I don’t force words to come out of your mouth."
"You like other things with me."
"Maybe later. Actually right now I was hoping that maybe I could talk to you about something."
"Maybe what about?"
"I want to take you out tonight. In like twenty minutes."
"I don’t think so. I haven’t drank enough to let anything happen."
"Stop drinking completely you don’t have to have liquid courage for what I’ve got planned. Its sort of like a tradition whenever my band gets bored. Please just come with us."
"Probably not."
"Why not?"
"Going out like that means people start getting connected. I don’t do connections, they are terrible things. That’s why we have stopped doing what we do because you were going to start letting emotions play in it."
"Its all just fun. I won’t hold you to anything you say tonight tomorrow. Just stop worrying about what your head says and follow your heart. I promise you it is pointing you in the right direction."
"You know my stance on it all. Really Wes it does sound exciting but not tonight. Why do you want me there anyways I’m not all that entertaining."
"You have something about you that I find fun. That I find interesting and I want you there with me tonight. Now please just say yes besides you are the only person I want to invite and I waited until the right time to ask just in hope you would say yes." She starts to say something, "Stop thinking and just do it. This is fun I promise. I will make it worth it for you."
She looks like she is about to object when she sighs and says, “fine I will come but if it turns out that it isn’t fun, I have all permission to leave.”
"Deal." Drew and Keaton walk up smiling along with me, "Ready to go have some fun?"
"The fun has already started." Keaton says pulling his girl to his side.
"What exactly are we doing?" Y/N asks me.
"Taking back the night."


Preference #123 Not A Bad Thing

Said all I want from you is to see you tomorrow and every tomorrow, maybe you’ll let me borrow your heart. And is it too much to ask for every Sunday and while we’re at it, throw in every other day to start.

Drew lays on the bed playing with my hand hovering over me, occasionally kissing my collar bone. “When are you going to disappear?” He asks after leaning down kissing my neck.
"Do you want me to leave?" I ask raising my eyebrows at him.
"No don’t leave. If I had it my way I would never let you leave."
"I don’t do the whole sticking around thing." I sit up pulling away from him reaching over for my jeans.
"I shouldn’t have said anything because now you are going to leave."
"I feel I have to. I don’t do the whole scary commitment thing you know that."
"But when you leave I won’t know when you will be back. I have no way to talk to you and no way to just show up on your doorstep like you do mine."
"Drew why now? Can’t we just have fun." I say as I do the skinny jeans dance buttoning them around my waist."
"I’m sorry I will stop just come back and lay down and I will let it drop."
"No I am going to go since I made shit awkward. I just have to find my god damn shirt." I say as I get my bra latched around my back. I look down at Drew’s hand to see the red fabric bundled up in his hand, "please hand it to me."
"Only if you stay and let me make you dinner."
"Its time for dessert, dinner was hours ago. We were busy through it. Please I just want my shirt no problems."
"Come get it." He says with a smirk.
I lean forward to reach for it but instead I fall forward landing on his bare chest. We both start laughing uncontrollably, “how the fuck did I manage to fall?” I say while calming down.
"You are just clumsy, but it gives me a chance to do this." He locks his hand around the side of my face pulling me down to his lips. He will never find out but whenever he kisses me my pulse takes off and I don’t seem to find enough oxygen ever. He pulls away, "your shirt my lady."
"Thank you." I get up throwing it on. I check myself over in the mirror making sure not to walk out looking too much like I’m taking it with shame. Drew gets out throwing on some shorts. As I head out he follows me to the door. "I’ll be back." I say as I lean against the door frame.
"I’ll let you choose this time."
"That’s tomorrow."
"You said I get to choose."
"Fine Sunday."
"Good that’s a start. I think I should get you everything Sunday just to be fair."
"I don’t do fair. But maybe that can happen. Maybe."
"Its good enough for me at this point. I will see you tomorrow." He leans down kissing my cheek, "be safe, and remember I’ve only got one and I’m letting you borrow it." He says brushing his fingers across the charm on my neck.
"I’m always careful, especially with that." I walk away from him getting out of sight before I reach up where his fingers had just been feeling the heart charm resting on against my skin, wondering if Drew knew I left mine with him a long time ago.

Keaton; His P.O.V.
No I won’t fill your mind with broken promises and wasted time. And if you fall, you’ll always land right in these arms, these arms of mine. Don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me. 'Cause you might fuck around and find your dreams come true, with me. Spent all your time and your money just to find out that my love was free. So don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me, me. It’s not a bad thing to fall in love with me, me, not such a bad thing to fall in love with me.

"Is Y/N going to be there?" Wes asks as we drive up to the party.
"Of course. She was the one who told me about the party."
"Do you think she will be decked out in something new to try and impress you?"
"She doesn’t always buy something new."
"Only when she invites you to come out." Tyler says from the pack seat.
"Shut up. Nothing like that happens between us. She doesn’t believe in love, not since her parents split and then her mom got another divorce from her step dad. She thinks she will be just like her mom."
"Prove to her she won’t be. Stop putting yourself through that hell and just do something about it." Wes said as he knocks the car into park. We head inside and I quickly spot Y/N to the side dancing with some of her friends. I walk up behind her putting my hands on her hips falling into rhythm with her.
"Hey stranger I have a guy showing up tonight, I don’t think he will like much that I’m dancing with someone else."
"Are you two dating? I know not to dance with unavailable women."
"No I’m not dating him, we never have to tell him." She says turning around in my hands pressing her body against mine. "Secrets always make the night fun."
I stare at her trying to decide if I should be worried about that or not. She smiles and I feel the worry melt away. I pull her closer setting my hands on the small of her back, “you look amazing tonight.”
"You look pretty good yourself, absolutely delectable." She says with a smirk.
"Am I the last person you slept with?"
She stares back stunned. “Um where the hell did that question come from?”
"Just answer it."
"Yes you are. There hasnt been anyone else. But lets not discuss it right now, lets make tonight fun."
"I can’t. I got told just to play along and put it out there but I just can’t, excuse me." I say walking away from her.
"Keaton where are you going?" She says following behind me. "What are you talking about?" She asks following me out the front door. "Keaton God damn it stop." I get far enough away from the house I’m ok with stopping. "What the hell is going on? Are you ok?" She says genuinely concerned.
"You. That’s what’s going on. You are running through my veins and it’s a lot to handle."
"Keaton just say whatever you feel you need to say."
"It’s ok if you love me. I mean it’s ok to fall in love with anyone even if its not me."
"I am just sick of the lies that’s why I don’t believe in love. It is all based on lies."
"I’ve never lied to you not once. I’ve never broken a promise. But here you are fucking around doing who knows, not living the dreams you know exist. I can prove to you all that, but you won’t give me a chance."
She pulls in a deep breath looking up slightly, “you know why that is a hard almost impossible thing for me to accept.”
"But it is possible and you just said so yourself. I care about you so much just give me the chance. If you fall I will catch you, I’ve been standing here waiting with my arms wide open for you."
She walks up to me grabbing onto my belt loops, “I have loved you for a long time, but I am terrified to fall in love with you more.”
"Don’t be scared, I will always love you and falling more together will only make us both stronger." I wrap my arms around her waist leaning down to place a small kiss on her lips.

Wesley; His P.O.V.
I know people make promises all the time, then they turn right around and break them. When someone cuts your heart open with a knife, now you’re bleeding. But I could be that guy to heal it over time and I won’t stop until you believe it, 'cause baby you're worth it.

"Why do you let him treat you so badly?" I ask standing in the doorway to her bathroom.
"I don’t let him treat me badly that is why we fight. I refuse to let him use me as a doormat."
"But yet he keeps trying. Are you going to get sick of fighting him one day and just give up?"
"No you’ve known me long enough that you should know I don’t but up with anyone’s shit."
"But what if he was hurting you in ways you didn’t know?"
"Wes what are you talking about?"
"Do you remember how you went to your one friend’s bachelorette party and all us guys went out? Elliot hooked up with one of the girls we met out and they’ve been hooking up ever since. I didn’t know how to tell you or I would’ve told you sooner."
"Is it horrible that I kind of assumed he was cheating again? I didn’t want to believe it. But i guess it’s my fault. I gave him back the knife seeing as he didn’t cut me deep enough the first time." She puts her hands against the sink looking down. I can’t find any words to say that would make it any better. At least nothing I can tell her right now. Truthfully with Elliot out of the way I might be able to finally tell her how I feel. I snap back to my head to see her melting to the floor against the wall with her knees tucked to her chest, "I loved a liar. How many others have I loved? Why is it that whenever I feel things are going good they change, and they just aren’t? I am so sick of people and their promises of love and ever after it really is all just bull shit." She reaches up trying to be sly and wipes a tear from her eye.
"Not all of us are that way. Only ones who don’t know what they have when they’ve got it." I sit on the floor next to her and she rests her head against my shoulder. "You know there are people out there who worship the ground their women walk on, you deserve a guy like that. Not one who pushes you around but challenges you. You deserve a guy who will make you a princess but won’t let your head get overly inflated. There is someone out there for you."
"Oh yeah and who is that?"
"You never know for sure but he could be a lot closer than you think."
"What are you rambling about Wesley?"
"I just don’t like to see you hurt and have you ever noticed when you are in pain you call me, you have me rush to your side and need convincing to get work things out. I always wonder if I never spent time telling you to give him another chance over and over where you would be. Where we could be. I am always the one to help heal your heart after Elliot cut it over and over. I am sick of seeing him make you bleed."
She leans away forcing me to look her right in the eye. “Are you saying what I think you are saying?”
"What do you think I’m saying?"
No more words pass through her lips, she leans forward pressing them into mine saying everything she needed with just the small gesture, that in the end meant more to me than she will ever understand.


Keaton Imagine For Ayla

"Why are you so awkward around girls?" You ask Keaton as you walk through the front door.

"I don’t know, I always get so uncomfortable." He says sitting on the couch.

"What is so uncomfortable about other women but you can hang around me all you want?"

"I like you more than them. And I’ve known you longer. I would’ve been awkward around you too had I not grown up with you."

"I am glad I missed that and we can just be us." You say as you plop down next to him on the couch.

"Where are your parents? Your mom is always home when we get back from school."

"My dad is at work, my mom is out doing who knows what. So it’s just us for a little while."

"Just us?"

"Yes what kind of trouble can we get into while they are gone?"

"I’m thinking junk food, tv and no homework."

"I second that." You go to the freezer pulling out a tub of ice cream and grab two spoons. You set it in between you both and start digging it. You turn on some music in the background just to have something fill the spaces when you arent talking.

He sets his spoon down and says, “how are you so confident around guys?”

You choke back a little on your ice cream, “you think I’m confident? Far from it.”

"But you’ve dated other guys."

"Your point?"

"Are they awkward with you?"

"Sometimes. I think it’s cute when someone is awkward. Makes me feel powerful knowing I can make a guy stumble on his words just because I’m me. Why do you want to know?"

"There is this girl that I’m in to and I don’t know how to go about letting her know without getting tongue tied."

"Oh um well I don’t know how much help I will be in that department."

"Anything will help."

"Do you have any experience? I don’t know why I asked that because I know the answer. Keaton I don’t know what to do to help." His eyes look so pleading you just have to help. You set the ice cream on the floor next to you both. "Ok we are going to give you some of that experience. Now don’t take this weirdly it will help I promise. At least you’ll be able to know you are past the strange stages." I slide across the couch so I’m sitting right in front of him. "Kiss me."


"Kiss me. Come on don’t be a sissy."

"That doesn’t make me want to kiss you."

You reach out touching his hand brushing your hair over one of your shoulders trying to act a little more flirty. “It will be ok Keaton at least it’s with your best friend.” Honestly you had been trying to get the courage to kiss Keaton for years now. This just seemed like the perfect opportunity to see if you were compatible. You touch the collar of his shirt and lightly brush his neck. He leans in quickly towards you almost knocking heads. You hold up your hand slowing it down taking control. You brought his lips to yours slowly trying to keep any accidents from happening. He sucks in a breath just as they connect. His sharp breath is enough to cover your sigh from the softness of his lips against yours. He places his hand on the back of your head, wrapping it in your hair pulling you close to him. As the kiss intensifies you can feel it all coursing through your body. Your heart pounds as he slowly starts exploring with his tongue. You respond with a soft moan. You grab onto his shirt pulling him closer to you slowly lying back making sure not to break the kiss knowing this could be the only time it happens. He responds hovering his body over yours, setting you against the couch as softly as possible. You run your hand along his chest as his lips trail away from yours and down your neck. He nips gently at your sweet spot making you moan again and arch your body against his. His shirt lifts a little revealing his inviting flesh. You take the hem of his shirt sliding it up and over to the floor. Your heart thuds loud seeing the perfect contours of his body pressed against yours. He leans back down kissing you along your jaw bone again.
He goes up to your ear whispering, “it’s always been you. I’m not scared to tell you now.” He places his lips back against yours stealing the last of your breath.

He places his hand in your waist sliding up just a little bit of your shirt brushing against your skin you are about to slip it off completely to let him close to you when you hear a door close outside. You jump looking Keaton in the eye panicked, “my room now go.” You say shoving him off and down the hall. You slam the door behind you locking it pushing Keaton back against your bed straddling his lap.

"Wait what’s going on?" He says stopping me.

Red creeps into your cheeks, “oh um well…”

"Now who isn’t so confident."

"Are you sure you’ve never kissed a girl?"

"Yes why?"

"Because you are really good at it and I liked them." You say looking away from his eyes.

"I meant what I said out there. It’s always been you. Please don’t kiss me again if it’s not the same for you."

You lean over his body kissing his lips, “it’s the same for me. Has been for years. This was just an excuse to finally kiss you.”

"I’m glad you did. I wouldn’t have  been able to ever. You always make me nervous."

"Don’t be nervous around me." You press your lips to him again with a small smile.

There is a knock on your door causing you to sit up quickly, “Y/N are you in there with Keaton?”

"Yes mom we are studying."

"Oh ok. Seems pretty hard to do that with your backpacks out here. Also Keaton your shirt is on my living room floor. Glad you two are finally together be safe. No sex in my house."

You lean forward as Keaton wraps his arms around you, “well at least we know she doesn’t mind.” He says kissing you again.


So I just gotta put this out there ya know not a big deal or anything but…..KEATON IS LEGAL!!!! KEATON STROMBERG IS NOW OFFICIALLY BANGABLE!!! No more feeling like a perv for drooling over all his glory and sexiness!!! It is the day of the Gods!!!!!
That is all :)


Keaton Imagine For Becca

His P.O.V
People see someone counting down to their birthday as excitement for the right of passage or just eagerness for gifts and cake. But I saw it as my chance to finally be in love. She is three years older than me and even though her feelings towards me are the same the risks to a relationship like that were more than we both wanted to pay. So we waited. Not too patiently either. We would sneak around but after some fans saw me leave her place late one night it had to stop before she got in some trouble. “This is going to be the longest 28 hours of my life.” I say while I pace around my apartment.

"Keaton chill let’s go out of town or something and we will have you back in time to turn 18."

"No I’m just going to sleep through most of it hopefully and avoid Y/N at all costs."

"Aren’t you all going out for dinner tomorrow night as a pre birthday thing?”

"Shit fuck I forgot about that. How am I supposed to do that? I can barely contain myself around her."

"Steal her at midnight and fuck her brains out like you’ve wanted to.”

"I have other plans at midnight.”

"Which are?" Tyler asks looking suspicious.

"You’ll never know. I’m going to head to be and try to get some sleep."


I go into my room and lay on my bed thinking about what the next 24 hours will bring. My phone lights up and I roll over to look at it, *Is it ok if I bring a friend tomorrow to your birthday dinner?*

*Um sure? Who?*

*Just a friend. I just wanted to throw it past you before I made any solid plans.*

*Yeah ok that’s fine I can’t wait to see you.*

*Yeah same here. Talk to you later. Bye.*

I set my phone down not feeling good about how that ended. The next day Tyler drives me down to the restaurant we made reservations at for me. We head inside and Y/N isn’t there yet but server all of my friends, Drew and Wes are. We sit around talking, eating and just bull shitting in general.

After we order dinner Y/N walks in with this guy linked to her arm. “Hey guys this is Brian, he’s new to town so I thought id invite him along just for some fun. Keaton said it was ok. Right Keaton?” She says barely looking at me.

"Yeah it’s cool. Nice to meet you Brian." I say giving a slight smile.

Tyler leans over to me, “are you really ok with this?”

"No but I guess it needed to happen since I’ll never be old enough or good enough for her." I look across the table to see her hand on top of Brian’s and and them smiling to each other. "Hey guys thanks for the dinner and it was great. But I’ve got some plans at midnight and I need to go get those plans all set together.” I head home to sit around by myself and come to term that those plans were ruined by Y/N.

Tyler shows up a little later, “dude you missed the fun after you left. Wes jumped all over Y/N for bringing some guy when obviously she did it for shitty reasons. Then she stood up told everyone to fuck themselves that she did what she needed to to get through the night with Brian right behind her.”

"Whatever she doesn’t care."

"How do you know that?"

"She showed up to my birthday dinner with someone else."

"Aren’t you glad she did though? I mean we got swarmed by paps when we left so obviously you did. They saw her with another guy no more trouble for you two."

"I’m 18 in an hour why the hell does she need to be seen with another man?"

"She did it for you. Go find out."

"No my plans were ruined with Brian."

"How do you know that?"

"Tyler just shut up."

"If you don’t take the chance you’ll never know. I’ll see you in the morning."
I pace around after Tyler goes to bed. Twenty minutes before midnight I jump in the car and drive up to my spot. It was a perfect ridge that let me see the city lit but it’s enough that I can see the stars. I pack my car to see another one already there. I step out and say, “Hey how long have you been here?” When I get to the edge.

"Almost an hour. I figured if waited long enough you would show up like planned."

"How is Brian?"

She laughs a little, “good probably getting some lovin from his boyfriend.”

"What?" I say confused.

"He’s gay. I just brought him so I would have support while fighting all my urges. Knowing you were about to be legal has been killing me. We’ve waited so long for this day."

"I know. How much longer?"

"2 minutes. Can we just claim it off New York time and say you’re there already?"

"We’ve been waiting since I was sixteen I think we can wait 2 more minutes."

"1 and a half now."

"I’m sorry for being so jealous of Brian I didn’t mean to spoil the night."

"You didn’t. I should’ve told you but I wanted to see your reaction also. I had to know you still wanted me even after we’ve fought so long to get to this point."
I look down at my watch and smile. I step up and stand inches from her face,

"I’ve always wanted you." I say kissing her softly.

"Keaton wait."

"It’s 2 after. I’m officially 18." She smiles to me and throws her hands over my shoulders. I pull her in close for another kiss. "I love you so much and I’m so happy we get to be together now."

"I love you too. Happy birthday Keaton."


I am taking a small break from my fanfics. I will get back to them I promise I just need a little time without having to focus so hard on them. So I am going to stick to requests for now and get completely caught up on them. Don’t worry that won’t take me very long. I just have a lot going on and cant get my chapters to flow right right now. Thank you all for your patience. I love you all!


Drew Imagine For Sara

His P.O.V

Sleeping alone for so long can make a person hallucinate. I was told that some of the guilt could lead to that. It started with her just showing up on the street and then went to seeing her around the house. I miss her beyond the world but there is nothing I can do. She’s gone. She’s really gone.

I roll over tired of fighting for sleep. I know it’s not coming, it never does. I open my eyes and nearly jump out of bed. I stare fighting not to let my eyes blink. “Stop staring at me.” She says and pink crawls into her cheeks.

"I can’t look away or you’ll disappear." I say fighting the urge to blink.

"I’ll be here you don’t have to kill your eyes." I blink a few times getting them to refocus. When I look back she’s still there. "See I told you I’d still be here."

She reaches out touching my cheek. Her warmth spreads through my whole body. “Are you really here or am I just too tired and my mind is playing tricks?”

"If I wasn’t here could I do this?" She comes closer to me setting her lips against mine softly.

"I don’t know what is going on. How can you be kissing me?"

"Stop asking questions and just feel it. Kiss me back and let it make the decisions." I do exactly as instructed. I grab the side of her face, feeling her in my hands again. I bring her back to my lips, kissing her like she hadn’t left me. I clasp her hand pushing it back against the pillow trailing away from her lips, searching for more of her to kiss.My heart pounds as I hear her breath catch and her body presses against mine. "I’ve missed you so much please don’t leave me again." I say kissing against her neck.

"You have me now enjoy the moment while you can."

I pull away from her to bring her close to my side just to marvel. I play with her hair and trace along her body with my hand. I lace our fingers together refusing to let go again.

"I love you." I whisper softly.

"I love you too I always have." She says back pulling my chin up to look her in the eye. "Remember you have a life to live, don’t refuse to do that."

"I don’t want to live without you."

"You did everything you could to save me."

"I tried to save Trin. I let you go."

"I’m happy you did. You protected out baby girl. Trinity needed you. You saved me by protecting her."

"But I failed even at that."

She rests her hand against my cheek as I lay into it closing my eyes, “you are very strong Drew you have so much ahead of you.”

"That sounds like goodbye."

"It’s never goodbye Drew." I stop her from leaving me by smashing my lips against hers. I need more. As my lips explore hers, my hands travel over her body feeling every part. I’m using then to program it all into my head, never giving myself the chance to forget. "I love you." She whispers against my lips.

"I love you too." I say just as softly fighting back my tears.

"I’m always here Drew I’m never too far away."

"You are too far away. You both are."

"Our angel is exactly that. She is ok."

"Why can’t I be there? Why do I have to be here alone?"

"They knew I couldn’t be here alone. They gave me Trinity because I needed her."

"I need you why can’t I have you?"

"I’m here now because I knew how badly you needed me. I’m always close you just have to seek me out."

"Just come back to me so I can hold you every night and kiss you every morning."

"You’ll find someone to do that with again. You’ll get to give someone the love you gave me. There is someone who needs you Drew. Go be her reason like you were mine."

"I miss you so much." I say brushing the hair out of her face.

"I miss you too. Now hold me let’s get some sleep." I tuck her close to my body holding her tight. Praying that she will be mine again and will be here when I wake.

The sun burns my eyes as it streams through the window. I open them slowly afraid of what I would find. My bed is empty but horribly my arms still feel like she is there. I touch the spot where she had been. It still feels warm. I roll over towards the window and look at my bedside table. A picture of her bright smile with me holding her tight looks back at me. I touch the frame softly, “I miss you. Hurry home.”


Teen Pregnancy #9 Telling The Fans

"Don’t be mad at me." Drew says coming through the front door.
I turn and look at him, “what did you do?”
"Yesterday I went out with the guys and we did a little shopping. Keaton found this shirt and well here."
He hands me a lump of black fabric, I unfold it to find a small shirt that says Blink-182 on it, “Where did you find this? Its way cute and works for either sex. That is awesome. Why would I be mad about this?”
"Well I kind of sort of might have been caught by some fans."
"Drew why the hell were you not more careful."
"I was excited I’m sorry thats why I said please don’t be mad at me."
"You never said please. But whatever its all on your now. They are not my fans they are yours."
"Well there is this picture going around of me at the store with the guys and then I guess when we went out to lunch the other day some fans saw us and took pictures of that. We were trending in the US."
I glare at him hoping to scorch his soul, “you have got to be kidding me.”
"No. But they keep asking why the baby clothes were for seeing as you aren’t showing. But a few said you have a motherly glow. Which you do you are beautiful."
"Flattering gets you nowhere Chadwick. What are you going to do? Are you going to tell them? Are you going to lie and lead them astray until we are out of the danger zone? I still have the chance to miscarry we have about a week before I will feel better and not always so worried that I will lose the baby. I am growing really attached, but the risk is still there."
"I know that is why I came over so we could talk about it. I think its time to tell the fans but we will keep you out of any form of limelight until you are more comfortable and confident our baby will be ok."
"Have fun telling them they are going to freak you know that right?"
"Yeah I know. But I will deal with it, this baby is what matters right now and I will still work with the music thing I just need to build myself up to that point."
"Ok how are you telling them."
"Well I do have this idea." He pulls his phone out doing a few things then he says, "ok hold this right here." He has me hold the shoulders of the shirt and pulls my hands down so the shirt hangs right in front of my stomach. I hear the snap of his camera then he is typing again. He grins up at me then turns to show me what he did. There is a tweet that says "To all those who want to know rumors are true #ImGonnaBeADad" Then attached is the picture of the shirt.
"I hope you don’t regret that later."
"I won’t. I don’t like keeping secrets from my fans. it feels good to know they know."

"Talk to me please." Keaton begs from my front porch.
"Have you grown up?" I ask.
"I don’t know. I just need to know you are ok."
"Keaton I needed that the other day. But no you weren’t there for me. I feel like you are never there for me. You were down in Huntington visiting your mom at the same time I was. I went and hung out with friends on the beach for the weekend and told them all the news. They were all so supportive but you the father couldn’t even show up to a nurse consultation claiming to be scared. Well what do you think I am? Do you think I am just over the moon in excitement about being a mom at sixteen? No I am terrified. I have no support from my mom and I feel like I have no support from you. When you can make a grand enough gesture that proves to me you are serious about this and are ready to stand by my side through it and own up that this is your responsibility too let me know." I shut the door refusing to just give into him. Even though thats all I want. I know he is trying but I have to make sure he knows I’m serious about this. He can’t just get away with coming in and out and dealing with this whenever he wants   and not dealing with it when it seems convenient.
I head back down to my room hoping he will leave seeing as I wont be letting him any time soon. I try to work on some homework to get turned in so it can be graded before I make the full transition from my Huntington school to the San Diego school. It feels strange to be thinking about going to school while pregnant. My due date falls to a point where if I am careful I might be able to hide it all through school and then just show up next year a mom. I had been so lost in thought that when my phone rings it causes me to nearly fall off my bed. I answer it seeing as it is Cami, “Hey what’s up?”
"Have you seen Keaton’s instagram?"
"No why?"
"He is on your front porch putting up a series of videos. I think you should go watch them he has 4 as of right now."
"Am I going to want to kill him?"
"Probably. If you need me call me. I am so sorry."
I hang up the phone going right to instagram finding the videos he is putting up. I press play on the first one and listen to what he has to say, “Hey Emblems Keaton here you all know about my amazing girlfriend Y/N well her and I are fighting and I’m sitting on her front porch right now trying to get her to forgive me, but I messed up big.” That video ends and my heart has a small ache to it.
I play the second one, “I wasn’t there for her when I should’ve been. She needs me and I was a coward but she made me realize that she needs me to be strong, she needs me right now. She is dealing with a lot and I am making her do it on her own.”
I pull up the third one while sitting up on my bed, “So I have something I am going to tell all of you to show her how serious I am about all of this. Now please don’t go off hating on her and not being mad at me. This situation takes two and I am just as responsible.”
I panic as I play the fourth one, “Y/N is pregnant and having my baby. Now please understand she is all about making sure this doesn’t change anything with the band or our music. We both want me to keep up with my love for music. Please remember I love all you Emblems and nothing is changing except that there will be a new Emblem baby in our family.”
A fifth one had popped up sometime during my watchings. “I love you Y/N now please come open the door so we can talk. I want to make this up to you please. I love you.”
I climb off my bed going upstairs opening the door, “you had to tell everyone on Instagram, really?”
"I felt that it would get the best response and you would have to come talk to me since everyone now counts on us to raise a baby together."
"So help me God Keaton, if you continue with this back and forth shit making me in any way regret this decision I will kick your ass over the moon."
"I will be by your side. I mean it everytime I say I love you. I really do and I am ready to do this with you."
"Don’t make me look like a fool in this, its going to be twice as hard now. The fans are going to be rough even if you tell them 2 thousand more times not to send me hate I will be attacked with it. I need you right now more than I did an hour ago."
"I’ll be here I promise. For both of you."

Wesley: His P.O.V
"I have to ask." Keaton says while putting on his shoes.
"Ask what?" I say checking myself in the mirror before leaving for the station.
"What does it feel like to know there is a baby on the way?"
"It is a little surreal to be honest. At times I wonder if it is really mine. Other times I’m excited to be adding to the Stromberg family. What does it feel like to you to become an Uncle?"
"Well with Isaac already around it feels the same. I’m happy for you though." My phone chimes from across the room, "The woman is calling for attention."
"No she has an ultrasound today and she is really nervous seeing as her friend blew up on her the other day calling her a bad mom."
"Oh fuck that has got to suck."
"She isn’t dealing with it well." I pick up my phone and read the text, *Hey just wanted to let you know we just got here, just Chasity and I. I will let you know what they tell me.*
*Great thank you. How are you doing?*
*Good, really good*
*I feel like you could be lying. That you are just saying that because we arent talking in person and could get away with an answer like that.*
*Where did you get the permission to question my answers? I’m just tired, woke up early this morning with killer morning sickness and i had a migrain last night that kept me up for most of it*
*Anything I can do?*
*No I’m good. I should be called back soon I will let you know how it goes as soon as I’m done. Have fun today*
I set my phone done not sure what to say after that. I would say have fun but part of me doesn’t want her to have fun, I wish I was there to see my baby for the first time.
A while later while sitting in the radio interview I can’t stop playing with my phone waiting for her to let me know whats going on. The radio guy brings us back after a song plays and says, “So we are going to play a game. I want you each to pull up all your text messages on your phones and I will ask say for the last text from a sibling and you read it. Can we do that?”
"Oh yeah lets just not start with that one I guiltily deleted all my messages from my sister recently. Sorry Brooke." Keaton says into the mic.
"We will start with last text from your mom."
"Have a safe flight and hurry home I am making a ton of food for you." Drew says with a smile. "She always cooks a lot for Thanksgiving. Thursday can not come soon enough."
"Ok Wesley what is yours?"
"My mom said make sure Keaton packed clean underwear even though its only an over night."
"Bull shit." Keaton yells.
"Look right here in black and white." I show him the message. "See I told you."
"Mom you have no faith in me. I’m not 6 anymore I like all clean clothes."
We all laugh it off and move to the next one. “Read the last message you got from a friend.”
"Mine is from my friend Tyler he said you sound kind of funny on the radio. Thank you Tyler."
My phone vibrates and I look down to see a text with a video attachment. Drew starts to answer but I am too involved in seeing what is going on. It starts fairly dark but then all of a sudden a smudge comes into view and then the smudge focuses and turns into an actual baby. I see it move a little and it looks like a sea monkey but there are still obvious features of a baby, my baby. “Wes earth to Wes.” Drew says shoving my shoulder.
"Oh sorry I was distracted with something."
"What are you looking at?" Keaton says leaning over then smiles, "whoa that is cool."
"Care to share with our listeners?" The radio host asks.
"The mother of my child sent me a video of her ultrasound. Can I turn on the audio for a second?"
"Sure?" He asks sounding confused.
The room goes silent as I flip it on. I press play to hear Y/N say, “I didn’t want you to miss this.” Then the baby appears on the monitor, there are a few clicks then small thuds can be heard. The doctor then speaks, “That is the baby’s heartbeat sounds strong. All looks good and healthy, due date is right on spot with growth. Congrats.”
I look up with a huge smile on my face, “Oh my God I am going to be a dad, that’s my baby. I’m going to be a dad.”